Your results and registration

Results day will be one you’ll want to celebrate. But don’t panic if it doesn’t go to plan—we're always here to help.

Exam Results Day

For many people, results day will be a celebration. But don’t panic if it doesn't go to plan. We still may be able to help you.

How we get your results

We usually get your results from UCAS. If not, we’ll ask you to provide them directly to us. You'll get them by email or from your school or college.

You met the offer conditions, and have accepted our offer

Congratulations! You're on your way to Abertay University.

Your offer will be confirmed in your UCAS account, but that won’t list your results. You must to go into your school or college to collect them.

You may need to send us more evidence depending on the conditions of your offer, and your results. Please email scanned copies to along with your UCAS personal ID. Once we have received everything we need, we will process your offer which will be in your UCAS account. We always try to do this as quickly as possible. We are as eager as you are to get this sorted out.

Please activate your Abertay IT account. This is so you can register for university, amongst other things. Keep the details, they are important.

Didn’t get the results you were expecting? Don’t panic!

If your results didn't go to plan, Clearing is always a possibility. This means we may have spaces on some courses which you can apply for.

Lots of students apply through Clearing, and study for degrees they love. 

First, read our Clearing pages to check availability. Then phone the Student Recruitment Office on +44 (0)1382 308080. Please phone instead of emailing. That means we can help you more quickly.

Make sure you have your Clearing number from UCAS as you’ll need to quote it. You may get a verbal offer, and can accept this after 5pm on Results day in your UCAS account

Registering for University

During August we will email you an invitation to register for University. The first part is online and you will need your Abertay IT account details to do this. Once you complete the online registration part, your personal timetable will be available 24 hours later. This is always exciting - now you get to see what you’ve been waiting for start to take shape.

The second part is a compulsory on-campus event during Freshers and Welcome Week - you’ll need to bring along your printed qualifications. We will email you a time slot for this.

Once you've registered online and in person, you are ready to begin your studies.

Welcome to Abertay University!

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