Facilities and Services

Facilities and Services

Abertay is equipped with cutting edge facilities and has academic staff with unrivalled specialist knowledge and expertise. 

From virtual reality zones to Scotland's only food lab featuring a climate controlled Consumer Experience Area, we can help you take your business to the next level.

Our facilities and services include: 

  • Applied games
  • Food laboratories
  • Consumer testing
  • The HIVE
  • Eye Tracker
  • CT scanner
  • Meeting rooms and conference facilities
  • Event management
  • Video conferencing

Applied Games

Think of computer games and you immediately think of entertainment. But there’s a serious side to games, which is busy revolutionising education and training. That’s because the stuff of games that hooks people in and makes them compelling works just as well for learning. 

What are they?

An applied gamed (also know as a Serious Game) is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment. 

They’re increasingly popular in industries like defence, policing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare and to address social issues. Serious games can support education and training, but can also allow you to test ideas and approaches through play.

Computer games are an important tool to:

  • Increase knowledge
  • Improve skills
  • Change behaviour
  • Raise awareness

How we can help

At Abertay University we offer bespoke services for serious games to all types of organizations. Our staff and students work with clients to develop what they need – whether that’s tackling cybercrime to improving workplace safety. 

For more information, please contact business@abertay.ac.uk.

Food Innovation Laboratories

Why Abertay?

When you work with us, you're in good hands. Our £3.5 million facilities are exceptional and the only ones of their type in Scotland. Our staff have won awards that recognise their work with business, which in turn drives innovation and growth. 

But when you work with us, you're helping the next generation of innovators and developing your future workforce. Students are at the heart of Abertay University – bringing your business to our campus lets us create a new future with technological advances alongside shared skills and understanding.

Our Facilities

  • Fully food standard production / pilot plant
    • Our plant facilities allow you to develop new products and refine productions processes so that you can get to market faster.
  • UHT and Pasteurisation (with inline homogenisation and sterile filling)
    • Prolong the storage time of food products and extend shelf life in a controlled setting
  • Retort / commercial sterilisation of foods
    • Retort sterilisation provides safe, effective shelf stability. It can reduce cook times, save energy and maintain food quality across a range of packaging options including pouches and trays
  • Freeze drying
    • Prepare and preserve ingredients using our driers
  • Spray drying
    • Produce dry powder from a liquid by rapidly drying with a hot gas, ideal if your product is sensitive to temperature or you need a consistent particle size
  • Small scale brewing
    • Pilot recipes and processes in our lab
  • Packaging – vacuum and tray sealing (including MAP)
    • Improve your packaging and presentation by using our vacuum tray sealer systems with gas injection, also known at MAP tray sealing. Avoid over processing, reduction in quality and loss of nutrients
  • High shear mixing
    • Use our Silverson mixer to reduce production times, mix powder and liquid, produce stable emulsions, dissolve sugar, disintegrate solids, blend liquids of different viscosities or disperse and hydrate gums, thickeners and stabilizers
  • Texture analysis
    • Test the physical properties of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and other consumer products
  • ISO9000 world leading sensory and consumer science laboratory

For more information, please contact foodinnovation@abertay.ac.uk.


Sensory Analysis and Consumer Testing

Sensory and Consumer Science Scotland brings together facilities and expertise right here at Abertay University. We're focused on providing the latest sensory and consumer testing to meet the needs of your business.

Our facilities

  • Brand new state of the art consumer experience laboratory including 12 sensory booths, focus group room and adjoining kitchen simulation room.
  • Specialised equipment for consumer testing includes electromyography (AD Instruments) for facial recognition and oral processing research.
  • A Human Interactive Virtual Environment dedicated lab space designed to explore virtual and augmented reality experiences by users, consisting of a Vive mobility space, a motion capture studio, psycho-physiological measurement technology and eye tracker, in addition to EEG readers.
  • A New Product Development lab, providing facilities for pilot scale projects. Equipment available includes spray-drier, freeze-drier, extruders, micro-brewery, rheometer, texture analyser, particle size analyser

Our dedicated staff have worked with small, medium and large businesses on projects ranging from trained panel descriptive testing , concept testing, central location testing and more advanced psychophysiological techniques such as facial electromyography and eye tracking technology. We also have links also into Asian markets to access appropriate consumer groups for companies keen to export to these territories.

For more information, please contact business@abertay.ac.uk.


Meeting Rooms and Conference Facilities

From a small meeting for four to a major trade conference for 350, Abertay University can meet your needs.

You can hire meeting rooms, teaching spaces, technology suites and even our lecture theatres all year round.  Our modern spacious Student Centre provides flexible city centre event space and includes a small cinema and a roof top terrace for private functions and corporate events. The cinema is equipped with surround sound, lectern control for presentations or a dedicated control room for the full cinema experience.

Our talented in-house catering team can provide everything from tea, coffee and a sweet treat to a gala dinner.

Dundee is a great place to host local, national and international conferences and events and Abertay University is proud to work with Dundee & Angus Convention Bureau to bring your event ideas to life.

For more details, please contact estates@abertay.ac.uk.


What is the Hive?

Abertay’s HIVE (Human Intelligent Virtual Environment) is a multi-purpose laboratory designed for research into multi-media and virtual reality. This laboratory offers a widescreen, dual-projection ‘data wall’ for visualisation and immersive displays. Unlike most virtual reality laboratories, HIVE also includes a 5m by 5m Virtual Reality ‘mobility space’ which allows participants to physically move around while in Virtual Reality motion.
We can also facilitate focus groups for specific demographics for example, looking at the development of new products for people with sight loss.

Which type of businesses can benefit from working with the HIVE?

  • Games developers, especially mobile games developers
  • Any business using, or planning to move into, digital marketing or on screen advertising
  • Retailers who can use the Virtual Reality facilities to create mock ups of store layouts

For more information, please contact business@abertay.ac.uk.

Eye Tracker

What is the Eye Tracker?

The eye tracker provides information on how the human eye views material, for example what parts of a webpage a viewer will look at first. It provides a highly effective tool to help businesses develop a screen layout which will provide the best consumer experience. The Eye Tracker laboratory programme has been developed through collaborative work with end users and can facilitate focus groups covering specific segments of the population to help develop new products for target markets.

Which type of business can benefit from working with the Eye Tracker?

  • Any business using or planning to move into digital marketing or on screen advertising
  • Retailers for the design of effective shelf layouts
  • Businesses developing interactive online services

For more information, please contact business@abertay.ac.uk.

Video Conferencing

The video conference room is most suitable for groups of six, but can accommodate up to 12 people.

Utilising IP Technology, the high definition conferencing facilities available include:

  • Cisco touchscreen control
  • Hi-definition document camera
  • Screen/data sharing
  • External device inputs
  • Multisite bridging facility
  • Large, dual-screen display and projection screen

For more information on our facilities and equipment, please contact estates@abertay.ac.uk