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A lot of our students live locally, and we know university life can be different for you. Abertay is where you'll make friends from all over the world AND get your degree. 

Abertay is where you make friends with people from all over the world AND get your degree. 

A lot of our students live locally, and we know it’s different for you.

Some of your classmates might be living in student accommodation and some will be from other cities or countries, so it can feel odd if your situation isn’t the same. And even though you’ll have all the comforts of home, living in the same place can make it seem like an extension of school or college. 

But think about it. In many ways you're ahead of the game. You already know that living in Dundee is great and very affordable for students, which is a huge bonus. In fact your local knowledge could be the key to making friends. You're the local guru when it comes to good places to go and things to see. From cafes and bars to skate parks, local cycle paths to which is the best beach - you know it all and could even show them how to get there.

Plus we really encourage you to join in the extracurricular activities we offer  to help you squeeze the most out of your university experience and make some life-long friends.

And remember - everyone else will be as nervous as you are, so jump in with both feet and you’ll have the best time.

Some ideas to get you started:


Local Student Discounts

Living locally doesn't mean missing out on student deals! Here are a few suggestions:

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Student Support

Even if you live locally, and have your support network around you, it's good to know that we can help you with anything: personal, academic or financial. 

Everyone needs a bit of support sometimes, so it's good to know that there's plenty of help and advice right here whenever you need it.

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