Coming to Abertay University:
A guide for parents and carers

Parents & Carers: you are so important

We’ve created this guide so you know what coming to Abertay University involves, and what you can practically do to support your child.

This includes how to choose a course, how to apply, what to do about accommodation and more.

We all know that going to university is a big life changing event. As parents* you provide crucial stability at a time when it can be overwhelming. So even if it doesn't always seem like it, your help at this point in their lives is essential.

The emotional back up and support you give really can help them adjust more smoothly to university life. But we know this change in their lives is sometimes (often!) hard for everyone involved, so we're here with information to prepare you both as much as possible.


*While we refer to parents here, this guide is for parents, guardians, carers and any supportive adults who want to help. 

More info for parents and carers

The outside of Abertay Universities Kydd building

About Abertay University

Industry-relevant degrees, nearly all with work placements/internships and professional accreditations.

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Finance and budgeting

Advice and help with budgeting and finance while they are studying.

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2 students chatting against a stone railing

Safety and support

Feeling safe and supported are a crucial part of university life.

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Outside of Parker House

About university accommodation

Information about student residences for parents so you can help your student with university accommodation

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3 students chatting on the grass in the park

International students

Helpful information specifically for the parents of international students.

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Careers and employment

How we prepare our students to thrive in their chosen careers.

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Hints and tips

Some helpful ideas you may not have thought about when it comes to preparation for university life.

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