Fundraising @ Abertay

Unlock a new future - transform a life

From helping with student rent to funding PhD research, updating laboratories to new buildings on campus, donor support makes a huge impact right across the University.

You can see the good your money does and who benefits. It is satisfying, knowing that every donation is used wisely. Our students are not only grateful, they go on to do extraordinary things. Knowing they transform their lives is the best thanks of all.

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Donate today

We see how much a degree can completely transform a student's life. But they need your help to do it - donate today.

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Who & How You’ve Helped

Helping students thrive is our main goal. Find out how they benefit from your donations in so many different ways.

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Contact the Fundraising Team

We are a friendly bunch, and believe passionately in giving students the extra support they need. Please get in touch with questions or requests.

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Awards & Funds

Awards and Funds give you many useful ways to support our amazing students, and we are here to help you choose the perfect option.

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We believe in the power of philanthropy to transform the lives of our students. Discover the amazing things they've achieved with extra support.

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Trusts & Foundations

Trusts and Foundations work in partnership with the university to help our students, either financially or via business links.

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Companies & Partnerships

It's not just the pounds and pence, it's about the relationship we develop with your business. Work with us and help our students.

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Legacy & Remembrance

Remember us in your Will, or give a gift in memory of your loved ones. Help us to empower the amazing talents of the future.

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Giving Your Own Way

Fundraise for a great cause, in any way you can. Whatever you do, our students will be hugely grateful.

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