Clearing FAQs

Read answers to our top FAQs to help guide you through the process.

See answers to the questions we’re asked most often. If yours isn’t here, you can call us on 01382 308080 or contact us via Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Snapchat or Live Chat.

See also the UCAS website for further information about the Clearing process.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is how universities fill up any remaining places on their courses. It’s the perfect opportunity to find a place on a course starting in September if you didn’t meet the conditions for your firm and insurance university choices. If, for whatever reason, you haven’t applied to university already, you can also contact us directly for a place through Clearing.

What will we ask you for when you call?

We’ll ask for:

  • Your full name, telephone number, email address and your UCAS personal ID and Clearing number (if you have one).
  • The title and UCAS code of the course you're interested in.
  • Your qualifications and grades.

If we are considering offering you a place on the course, we'll ask you to fill in our online application form and upload your qualifications. We’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

What happens if we make you an offer?

Once you receive an offer from us that you’d like to accept, note down the full title of the course and UCAS code. You must then add Abertay as a clearing choice in UCAS Track. You can do this by selecting the ‘Add a clearing choice’ button using the course code and institution code for Abertay (our institution code is A30). We’ll confirm, and then your offer and status will appear as 'Unconditional Firm with Abertay University'. Sometimes this won’t show right away – don’t worry, you still have your offer.

Once accepted, we’ll send you confirmation and information about starting with us via post and email. Please note, that once you add 'Abertay as your Clearing Choice' on UCAS, you can no longer be considered by another university.

How do I find out about starting my course?

Your course starts Monday 2 September 2019 with Freshers’ Week. It includes essential events such as registration (when you become a fully enrolled student), together with induction sessions for your chosen degree programme and plenty of fun social stuff.

For more information, see our Welcome to Abertay pages.

Will I be able to live in halls?

You can still apply for a place in halls as a Clearing applicant. For further information, please visit our accommodation pages.