How Do I Apply?

You’ll need to decide which of our partner institutions you would like to study at. On the application form, you can select up to 3 options (from either/both European and non-European partners). We recommend that you pick 3 options if you are able to, since there are limited places at each partner institution.

Your next step is to find the module options on your partner university website. Please see the Finding Modules page for links to partner university course catalogues/classes for exchange students.

Find the ones that interest you and roughly match up with what you would be studying if you were staying at Abertay. You’ll need to match the number of credits using the table below. For example, if you are taking one semester in Europe, you’ll need to take modules up to the value of 30 ECTS. The credits systems work as follows:

Credits System

1 semester

Full academic year

SCQF (Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework)



ECTS (European Credits Transfer System)



US & Canadian Universities




Study abroad applications for the 2023/24 academic year are now OPEN! You can find the application form by clicking here. 

Applications to study abroad during the 2023/2024 academic year will open in November. The deadline for all applications (Full Year, Autumn Semester and Spring semester) will be February 17th 2023.

The following details should be ready to submit as part of the application:

  • Details of the modules you wish to take at your first choice partner university. Please refer to the Finding Modules page and table above for the number of credits you should be taking in total. These modules should be relevant to your Abertay Modules. 

  • Your letter of motivation (max. 500 words) detailing why you would like to participate, your motivation behind your application and why you would be a good candidate to study abroad.

  • Clear scanned copy or photo of your passport (this can be submitted late if you don’t have it at the time of application). Please make sure you have at least six months remaining on your passport from the time you expect to be return home.


To go abroad in September 2023, the deadline is 17 February 2023

Late applications may be accepted if there are extra places available, but we encourage you to submit your application before the deadline.

What happens next?

We consider all aspects of the application in the selection process, and use this to determine who to place where. This is why we ask for more than one option of partner university as some are extremely popular and we have a certain number of places at each.

You’ll find out the outcome of your application within two weeks after the deadline. If you are offered a place at one of your choices and you accept, we will take forward the nomination process with the partner university.

Once accepted by the partner university, you may have a separate application process to complete with them, usually including similar documents to what you will have provided already. You are also responsible for applying for a visa separately if needed, once you are accepted. Typically the host university will support with this, though please contact us if you are unsure of anything.

For exchanges with partner universities in the USA, you will be required to submit a certificate of financial responsibility and proof of funding (bank statements, scholarship award letters, etc.) to the partner university once accepted. Please come and discuss this further with us if you need to.

If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQs.

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