Graduate Information

Careers Guidance and Support 

We're pleased to offer careers guidance and support to our graduates for up to three years after you've graduated. We also offer a careers service to graduates of other universities for up to one year after graduation.

All jobs, careers appointments and our careers workshops/events are managed through our online portal Abertay Connect. Please register and log in by 
clicking here

In addition, you can find a range of career resources here.

Further Information

We look for mentors for our students from our graduate population and would be pleased to support you if you were able to offer some time in this way.


You can also find opportunities for the future on our exclusive online Alumni network.
It’s a great way to stay in touch with the university and your classmates, make new connections and build your own personal network. There are opportunities to gain professional advice from other Alums, and to take part in mentoring from top companies, as well as browse job openings and attend events.

Find out more about and see where your connections will take you.

More to Explore

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