Student Records

Student Records

Student and Academic Services maintain a comprehensive computerised record of all our students academic history.

Most of the information is captured when students register and the student files are updated to record academic progress throughout their time of study. The University treat student records as confidential and the strictest control is exercised over the release of any information relating to students

The records are maintained in accordance with the terms of our registration under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Higher Education Achievement Report

From July 2015, all students graduating from Abertay have been issued with an electronic Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).

This is a comprehensive record of their academic grades and a wide range of other achievements, such as academic prizes, sports awards, extra-curricular work and so on. Their HEAR supports applications for employment and further study.

Find out more on the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) page.

Student Information for Employers

For employers that require verification of student status, award or transcript of study. 

Find out more on the Information for Employers page.

Information for Former Students

For former students needing official letters, copies of degree certificates, etc. 

Find out more on the Information for Former Students page.

Information for Local Councils

All about our policy on reporting student information to local councils

Find out more on the Information for Local Councils page.

Contact Details

Student Administration, Abertay University.


For information requests via Hedd or the Make a Payment page, please allow 10 working days for a response.

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