Syn of The Order

A project by team Poly Kraken

Syn of The Order

Avoid the obstacles and run to the exit before the time runs out. Enter a state of flow to slow down the closing gate to help in your escape from the monster.

Team Poly Kraken

Mathew Lornie - Producer

Bailey Sabin - Design

Karolina Myszkowska - Design

Kevin Du - Programmer 

Yuechen Fu - Programmer 

Zoe Magee - Art

Michael Falcone - Art

Manuel Sanchez Diaz - Art

Robbie Peden - Audio

Project Motivation

We were given a brief based on the concept of flow which took the form of a runner. When the player enters a state of flow, or "the zone", the closing gate stops and the player has more time. We were motivated to create a game with flow that would make players want "one more try".

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