Monster Mash

A project by team Iona

Monster Mash

Monster Mash is a hectic party management game (in the same style of Dinner Dash or Overcooked), where you play as a Monster King trying to hold the best party ever to appease his queen. The king invites his monster friends to the party, but as you might imagine, something always goes wrong when a monster parties. Fix the disco ball, sweep the skeletons and reach the highest score to make it the best party ever!

Team Iona

Ferrel Kennedy - Programmer

Muhan Yu - 2D Artist

Neve O'Neill - Producer & Gameplay Designer

Samuel Yerokun - Audio Designer

Yibo Wang - Level Designer

Project Motivation

Our team was given a set of vague briefs which we can interpret in many ways. We took interest in the brief of 'The Party' which ended up becoming Monster Mash. We wanted to create a fun, challenging, unique party management game in the style of Overcooked but with the theme of horror monsters.

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