11 January 2024

UK Universities Sales Competition to be hosted by Abertay University

Business students challenged to put sales pitches to the test at national competition

Students from across the UK will put their top sales pitches to the test at a contest hosted by Abertay University.

Future stars of the business world will be pitched into real-world scenarios and interact with expert judges from industry at the UK Universities Sales Competition. 

Students from 9 universities will put their sales tactics to the test at the event, which will run from Wednesday, January 31st until Thursday, February 1st

The event will prepare participants for careers in sales, marketing and business through mentorship, coaching and feedback and the ability to practise professional selling skills and techniques. 

The participants will be tested across two competitions, including a mock sales meeting event where they will take on the role of an executive engaging with a potential new customer across two, 15-minute discussions. 

Students will also be tasked with crafting sales pitches to convince recruiters to hire them during a series of speed-selling sessions. 

The competition aims to promote a deeper understanding of professional selling and its significance within the Scottish/UK Enterprise & Economy, while also building collaboration between employers and universities and providing a platform for careers discussions. 

Students from Edinburgh Napier University, Coventry University, The University of Aberdeen, The University of Dundee, Abertay University, The University of Strathclyde, The University of West of Scotland, and The University of York are amongst those taking part in the challenge. 

The competition model is based on events hosted by colleges in the United States which are designed to produce world-class sales talent. 

Motivational speaker Luke Staton will attend the event alongside judges from University of Dundee, Montrose Port Authority, Angus Council and core sponsors Salesforce and Clyde Ventures.

Co-organiser Peter Waggott, Managing Director at Vertical Motives Consultancy, said:

“It is so important for students entering the business world to do so with the confidence and skills to succeed, and the UK Universities Sales Competition will provide the perfect preparation for the industry. 
“Competitors will be given a chance to understand the world of professional selling even better, with feedback from people who know the sales industry and business sector inside-out. 
“These real-world challenges will be an opportunity for students to develop key presentation, listening, questioning and negotiating skills. 
“They will practice how to sell effectively, how to sell ideas or business plans to partners or investors, how to influence stakeholders, and how to build professional relationships and trust.” 
“By testing their sales pitches in front of industry executives and experts, they will be given invaluable experience which will stand them in good stead when it comes to entering employment – whether they pursue careers in sales, marketing or go on to establish their own businesses.” 

A civic reception, gala dinner and prizegiving ceremony will be held as part of the competition. 

Follow the progress of the UK Universities Sales Competition online via #ukusc2024. 

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