Fraser Hutchison

Turning his passion into a career - graduate Fraser Hutchison helps young golfers realise their scholarship ambitions in the USA

What does your current job involve?

I am a Lecturer at the Elmwood College of SRUC in Cuper in the Pro Golf department. I also work at Collegiate Golf USA where I source suitable golf scholarships in the USA for European and UK students. I undertook a Masters by Research (MbR) degree at Abertay which focused on developmental pathways and the experiential aspect of studying and competing in America when on a sports scholarship, specifically a golf scholarship.

The majority of my clients looking for scholarships are post-high school. I help their families understand the American college sports system and help provide opportunities for young people to gain a golf scholarship. That’s the pathway I went through back in the mid-nineties. My experience of the system, along with the connections I have in the USA combined with the Masters from Abertay has helped all the work that I do - in my teaching at SRUC and as a stepping stone for students going out to America.

How did you get started with this?

I had opportunities presented to me after high school and I decided to take the golf scholarship in the USA. At 17, I headed from Dunfermline to New Mexico for two years before transferring to Virginia.  I undertook a sports degree and the athletic scholarship covered all the fees to study at the institution.

I had a fantastic experience competing against other students from different universities across the States. It opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. My sport enabled me to gain an education and gave me a career helping young people to have the same experience as I did 20 years ago.


I went to Abertay as a part time student and I have very positive memories of my time there, they couldn’t do enough to help.
Fraser Hutchison | MbR Sport and Exercise | Lecturer, SRUC

How did you find your Abertay experience?

I enjoyed Abertay. We had a working relationship with the sports department stretching back to when there was a golf degree available to study. I taught some modules in the old golf programme and I got to know the staff who ultimately became my supervisors.

I’ve found that more and more students are keen to study in America or come to Elmwood and then go onto America. I decided I wanted to focus on that since I had experience in the area so I decided to do an MSc on that topic. I went to Abertay as a part time student and I have very positive memories of my time there, they couldn’t do enough to help.

Ross Lorimer was very knowledgeable in his field. You got clear and concise instructions, and was very supportive, flexible and accommodating. He kept me on track and gave great advice to get me over the finish line.

Have you got any advice for current students?

If you want to do a MbR, do it in a topic you’re passionate about and have knowledge on.  

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