A spotlight on life after graduation...
Featuring: Matthew Elcombe

After waving goodbye to Abertay last summer, BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science graduate Matthew has been touching base with us every few months with an update on what life has been like for him since graduation.

Posed photo of Abertay Alumni Matthew Elcombe

12 months after graduating, Matthew is now a Scientific Officer at MicroMatrices in Dundee. 

"My expectations after graduating were to either secure a pHD position or employment within the life sciences sector, although I was worried about the availability of suitable roles in the area I wanted. The reality is that I was able to secure a job soon after graduating and that my first year as a graduate has been extremely satisfying working on toxicogenomic studies for a contract research organisation. It has been a steep learning curve full of challenges from learning new laboratory techniques to data analysis and interpretation, but has paid off and I am now currently working on a study as the lead scientist.

I am proud of how much my skills have developed and how the work that I have done has contributed to novel research and the development of new screening techniques. In the near future this should result in a number of publications as a named author."

Some words of advice for the class of 2020; you can achieve your expectations, be determined and don't sell yourself short.

June 2019

Graduation was weeks away, and Matthew was on the hunt for a role in either PhD research or the life science sector.  

What are your long-term career aspirations?

To work in research or industry, but I do like the thought of one day starting my own company.

How will your next steps contribute towards these aspirations?

I am currently looking for PhD opportunities, but also applying for jobs as a BMS and other roles within the life sciences, either in research or industry. I am also writing a review paper in the same area as my Hons project, which I am hoping to get published.

What approach did you take to researching your career path and industry?

I have reached out to friends, family and lectures who work or have studied in the areas I'm interested in. They have given me advice and guidance. I have been using numerous websites for information on and around potential PhD opportunities and job roles. I am also keeping an eye out for any upcoming seminars and conferences.

How are you feeling about everything?

I'm extremely happy to be graduating. All the effort had definitely been worth it to feel this sense of achievement. I'm excited about moving onto the next stage of my life and career.

Apprehensive as all the jobs and PhDs in the areas I'm looking at are highly competitive.

Eager to continue learning. I'm looking forward to seeing a paper I've written published in a scientific journal, hopefully within the next 12 months. 

What's the best piece of advice you've been given relating to your career?

"To plan things out and put the effort in when it’s needed. Take advantage of opportunities when they come along, and also try to have some fun."

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