Racing Royale

A project by team Tepid Wheels

Racing Royale

This is a racing royale, with lots of fun obstacles, and a cute toy aesthetic. Race against your friends (or against the bots), but don't enjoy the scenery too much or Goolagar, Under-The-Bed-Dweller will eliminate you.


Team Tepid Wheels

Mathew Lornie - Producer

Ferrel Kennedy - Game Design

Juan Lopez - Game Design

Pawel Kozubal - Game Design

Rachel Cassandro - Art

Emma Withfield - Art

Dan Paul - Programming

Nicholas Salter - Programming

Avery Mullen - Music

Project Motivation

We were given a brief to create a battle royale game but with cars. We took inspiration from Fall Guys, and Rocket League to create a playful game with lots of fun.

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