Down Current

A project by team Ludic Games

Down Current

Venture into Kipbury Chasm, a land like many others tarnished by the Dhymire, a toxic sludge-like substance. As a Filterer, your duty is to purify this land's water sources with the aid of your giant elemental companion, Genhu. Within these treacherous lands lies the threat of an oppressive regime of raiders who have staked their claim on the chasm long before you arrived. Get ready to explore Kipbury Chasm and discover more about the people, the places, the mysteries, and the apocalyptic event that regressed the world to ruin. Good luck, Filterer.


Team Ludic Games

John Venters - Producer

Neve O'Neill - Level & Gameplay Designer

Jak Knowles - Narrative & Sound Designer

Emily Blane - Character Artist

Aaron Petherbridge - Environment Artist

Elena Severson - Environment Artist

Innes White - Technical Artist & VFX

Linxiao "Damien" He - Programmer

Mingyang "Morgan" Wang - Programmer Audio Consultants & Contractors

Avery Mullen - Soundtrack Composer

Robbie Peden - SFX

Jan Huss - SFX

Project Motivation

Down Current was our team's final graduate project. We worked with The Chinese Room - an award-winning game development studio that specializes in story-driven/narrative games & walking simulators - who served as our mentors, helped simulate the client experience, and provided the brief that our game was based on. Down Current is a realistic, first-person, 3D, story-rich game. This dark atmospheric adventure was inspired by Celtic and Pictish culture and takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where magic exists. We would like to thank The Chinese Room team, Corry Young, Fay Maxim, and Rebecca Oxford, for all of the guidance and encouragement they provided.

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